Holistic Counselling & Art Therapy

Face to Face
Online, Telehealth

Limited spaces are available to meet with me face to face or online, via Telehealth, a

secure convenient & confidential way

of working together.

Wednesday & Thursday's
 30 mins - $  70 (for regular clients to touchbase)
 60 mins - $140 (standard consult)  
 90 mins - $210 (deeper session or initial consult)
(Concessions are available where appropriate.)
Simply email me to request a booking:
Kellie Miles

Holistic Counsellor & Art Therapist

Hey Kellie,

I can't thank you enough for your guidance and help today!  I feel like an enormous weight has lifted from me and my creative spirit has returned!  Thank you so so much!

                 - Katie (May 2020)

Why I feel called to offer these appointments
& what I intend to offer you...

The great Pause..."
There is no doubt these unprecedented events of 2020 & 2021 have forced us to put our 'normal' lives on hold. For some, this has been an opportunity to reflect and re-vision the way we 'want' to live. For others, sitting in stillness and isolation has forced us to come face to face with fears and anxieties, often hidden behind our typically busy lives.  

Whatever our experiences, now more than ever, we have the opportunity to become even more conscious of how we want to live and somewhat aware of the fears or challenges that we may need to transform, in order to accomplish this.

"Don't go back to sleep."
Busy-ness typically equals unconsciousness or a sense of 'sleeping.' Whilst 'stillness' offers a chance to sit and reflect. As we start to get back to our busy lives, let's remember what the famous, Sufi poet Rumi has pleaded to us over the centuries, 'don't go back to sleep!'  

"Supporting you to grow..."
In whichever unique way you have been affected by these recent events,  I truly feel now is the time to make those vital adjustments to your life, your health and wellbeing.  To support you in this,  I am offering both face to face or online Telehealth appointments for holistic counselling & art therapy sessions.


My approach is based on the following beliefs:

  • We journey together and it is a true, equal exchange.

  • You are the expert of your own processes - I am the guide.

  • You hold within you all the wisdom & resources you need to move forward.

  • My role is to help remove the blocks that stop you from healing - you do the healing all on your own!

  • We are all creative beings - and inherent in creativity is natural, truthful expression.

  • Our innate language is symbolic (not learnt such as English, French etc) so' working with image through art therapy & symbol work, allows us to move beyond merely talking.  Thus we bypass the ego and our defenses to effectively access deeper areas of your psyche for positive, effective change.

  • We all deserve to experience long-term peace & happiness and this can only be found within us, not in other people or external things.


The process is simpler and more effective than you think - yes, even for you!

Kellie successfully combines her training as a Transpersonal Art Therapist and Sandplay Practitioner to work with those that feel blocked or stuck, unable to move forward in their life in ways that feel truthful and meaningful. With fifteen years experience and thousands of client face-to-face hours, Kellie has developed a deep understanding of Defense Mechanisms, the psyche and how individuals can block their own ability to grow and overcome their issues. This understanding is key to supporting her clients to make positive, permanent change.


Kellie is deeply connected to creativity, to nature and to naturally occurring rhythms and cycles.  Where appropriate, this is offered as a lens through which to view and support people's understanding of their lives and to further their healing options.


Kellie is a member of Holistic Therapists Australia inc 


Qualifications Include:

2018  Training in Byron Katie method of 'The Work'                  with Rosie Stave.

2008 - 2012, Advanced Sandplay Training with                                     Sandplay Australia.

2012 Diploma in Shamanism & Transformational                    Mask from Circalore Australia.

2007 Diploma in Transpersonal Art Therapy  from                   College of Complementary Medicine.

1994  BA Communications from Canberra University.



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